If you were to knock at my front door, I'd likely meet you in my black stretchy yoga pants, a zipped up long sweatshirt, no make-up, and a floppy pony tail on top of my head. Chances are I will not have showered and if you looked closely, my house would resemble my first appearance to you as well...some pretty things with some old dirt hiding around the edges. But what I'd hope you see when I welcomed you in is... just me. And just my home, as it is, with what it has for today. Even more, I'd hope you hang around long enough to get comfortable and see we are just an everyday family in the trenches of raising kids and growing hearts. We're probably more alike then you'd think.

This blog, much like me and my home...is a work in progress. But it's mine and while it's not what I'd hope it would be just yet, it's what I have to offer you today. Kinda like myself. The truth is, I believe there is a lot of life in the journey. The not quite finished and not yet ready and almost there places. I don't want to wait to live when things are finally the way I want them. I want to live fully when things are the way God wants them. When He is bending...molding...shaping...breaking...fixing...growing me. My family. My home. It's why I hold onto "home-grown"...

Everyone's stories start similar. In the beginning He created. And in His image He created each of us. And each of us enters into a home when we enter this world. I did. You did. My kids did. Your kids did. From the very beginning we already are alike. But our stories are different. Stories have power to change the world. Each of us holds a strength that needs to be shared, a weakness that needs nurturing. A purpose for why we are here.

 I'm at that place in my story where I am in the trenches of motherhood. It's glorious and chaotic and heart filling and exhausting and delightful and humbling and hard and it's the story of my life these days. Knowing I have brought home four precious little people to grow up for His glory has sent me to me knees in ways nothing else ever has. I chase God's heart these days in order to save mine. I work hard to make my home be the sanctuary my kids need to grow up knowing Him and knowing their purpose. I want their stories to speak life. I want my story to speak life. Life is shared during the journey, not just the beginning and the end.

I guess this is where I say "welcome". I'm glad you're here. Your story matters. I hope by reading mine and hanging out with my nutty family, that you'll be brave to live yours. Just the way you are. This motherhood journey is messy, but when we gather to live as we were created, the mess seems a little more manageable. I don't know if what I am doing is the right way. I don't know if there is a right way? But it's what works for me. I hope you'll do what works for you.  I'm just doing my best, grateful for grace along the way, and ready to cheer any Mama on who needs someone in their cheering section. I write here to remember, I write to recover, I write to refresh, I write to reassure, I write to reflect. I write for me. I write for you.

So come on in...welcome to my place. We're the Homegrown Hansen's...growing hearts at home. Theirs and ours. And we're really glad you're here. Let's keep writing our stories...

                                                                                                    Love, Hansen Mama (Jess)

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