Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We've Moved!

Don't let the title fool ya. Packing up and moving our crew of six is no where near our future plans. We're all sitting well at our happy little house. Actually, after finishing our building for six addition on...we're sitting comfy and happy. We can each sit on a piece of furniture when we watch a movie. It's just lovely. And a ridiculous first world problem, I realize. But we're pretty content here. 

In fact, the real move has nothing to do with my crew, but simply this blog. I've been plugging away at this family blog for some where around 8 years now. Eight. That's a long time. I haven't done anything the same for that long since...well...since before I had kids. This blog and I have kind of grown up together as we started off as newbies in many areas. Writing here has been my start of spreading my thoughts and seasons and finding my words as I steered through life. It started to feel like my second home. 

I began this blog as an online memory making storage space. I invited family to come stay connected with us here and eventually my family blog community became more then my blood line. I found a lot of friends here. I found a lot of other Mams here. I found a little corner in the woods to call home and connect with someone else here. My family blog eventually brought out my childhood inner self. The part of me inside that has always had words, seen life through another lens, and made sense through pen and paper. Sharing my family with yours was a way to connect. Sharing my words eventually came after as I braved the doubt in my heart that perhaps God made me to...well, write. 

This blog is one of my favorite things I've done in the last hunk of years. I usually found the seat on the other side of the screen to record memories and joys and many tears. The words help me sort it all. There is a peace inside of me deep down to my bones when I share what makes me tick through the piecing together of words. My Savior speaks to me when I write for Him. This blog here at the Homegrown Hansen's has grown my heart from home in so many ways. 

This blog is coming to a little bit of a close. Kind of. Actually, I've just moved a little bit. Across town, sort of. I'm still keeping dibs on my little people, but I have found Instagram is like a family blog minus all the long posts, picture uploading, and blogging steps. I'd love for you to join us over at Instagram and I'm there under Hansen Mama. Here's a link and you can get an almost daily update on life with this crazy crew of six. We love hearing from you!

Just click here: Hansen Mama on Instagram

And now for the fun new move address. I'm still typing away some words, just in a new home. I'd love to have you join me over at this new blog, Jessica Hansen Blog. You can sign up for email notification or just simply check in when you're in town :)

Just click here: Jessica Hansen Blog

Life together is just better. Thanks for tagging along with mine for so long. Hope to see you soon.

Love & Blog Hugs, Jess 

And just to share a few faves...a picture or two...or more ;-)