Tuesday, July 8, 2014

so...in June

Why do the fun months go so fast? Iowa is so much more happy when we are not dressed in 3 layers and scooping snow every other day. Oh well, I love the Mid-west. And before this Mid-west summer gets away...quick, some of our June below.

Jaxon went to basketball camp. With friends and games and contests to be enjoyed. He was in all his glory.

 Austin learned how to de-stem berries. And he became a pro by mid-bowl. I think I'll keep him.

 We enjoyed summer dinner's with the neighbors out back and big balloons over our heads. For real, super fun. 

Our garden started to grow and grow... 

The boys were fighting 72.6% of the time. But when they didn't...this was sweet to watch.

 We (by we I mean my super tough brother-in-law, my tougher then nails father-in-law, & my arms of steal hubby) dug super deep holes to pour cement into for our new addition. The kids were digging the cool truck.

 We've had impromptu sleep-overs with cousins. By the way...cousins are awesome. If you don't have some, you should get some.

 Carson has marched all over the property in little to no clothes most days and Sissy is usually trailing behind him. Oh dear. Lord, help her.

 Savannah has figured out she can climb and climb she does. To the top of the slide, top of the stools, top of the bathtub...and you get the picture. She can climb.

 Carson has loved having big brother Jaxon around. When Carson gets in trouble, a.k.a everyday, he runs to this guy ^

And, she has officially declared she hates dresses. Too bad. I will keep stuffing her in them and taking ridiculously cute pictures because it feels so good and I can!!!

The kids have all been home for a good month now. I sense some sarcasm coming from me, which in due time means... I think it's girls night soon? 

In all honesty though... I love, love, love summer time with my kids all at home. It is some of my most favorite seasons in life. I also love oreo blizzards and girls nights. All true statements. 
Happy July, ya'll!

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