Monday, July 7, 2014

building for 6...and then some

We've been building an extra big family room here this summer, but this room idea was built years ago when we dreamed of one day having space to hold people here as we raise a family. We love opening our doors to others, sharing food together, hearing stories, growing relationships, doing life with others. Like so many other things we hold dear to us in the home-grown area...relationships may be at the top of our list for what we grow amongst our family. 

With that planted on our hearts, we also don't want to not invite people due to lack of space to put them. At least this is how I have felt many times when I wanted to have people over, but didn't know where to have them sit. People don't care about that though. Jen & Markuse reminded me that you simply just have to open your door, open your hearts, and open your lives up to be together. They didn't care that they were sleeping in our 2 year olds full size bed, sharing a shower with 6 other people, eating around a cramped cozy porch table, or bumping elbows in the kitchen. We had enough room to live together for a few days and enough heart space to enjoy the journey. 

I'm super excited to fill our new family room. And I have good growing pains on my heart that remind me it doesn't have to be perfect to be done well. 

 My kids love this guy! He entered our lives a hand full of years ago when Dave met him at YWAM in San Fransisco. Markus is a missionary from Germany. He has lived and worked in San Fran for many years. This isn't the first time he's stayed with us... But, this is the first time he had a lovely wife to bring back with him. Yay!! Congrats Markus & Jen!

 Austin waited outside their door for Markus to wake up. I'm sure they loved the fan club that time of the day :)

 Jen is a ball of happy energy. She lights up a room and Sissy loved taking her in!

 Of course we did as many Mid-west, country cooking, and camp-firing that we could! These city folks thought we were pretty farmish :)

 Summer nights out back...

I think this city guy has some urban-homesteading roots in him. The chickens loved him and he them.

If you want to read more on this sweet couple doing really awesome Kingdom work in the heart of San Fran, follow their blog here...Markus & Jen in the city!

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