Sunday, June 8, 2014

made to move, our soccer boy

Just as most women with boys of their own told me as this boy arrived, our firstborn is a mover. I remember being told that boys means busyness and through the years, life with 3 boys has proven every single one of those older, wiser moms right on this one. From the early walking days to his latest gig on the soccer field...Jaxon has always loved to be moving. 

We've been slow to get involved in soccer. Partly because I as his mother could never figure out just exactly how to get him involved and always seemed to make the call about 3 months too late for the current season. Finally after a few attempts we landed him on an actual team through our local soccer rec program and he fell into an awesome Coach with a heart for Jesus and a lot of spunk from the sidelines. Right up our alley :) In our experience, coaches can make or break it for these kids at this age. Sports loving Mama's...pray for your children's coaches. This is such a crucial piece of positive experiences with sports and so far for the most part we've been blessed in this area. And the couple times we haven't, we've just found a deeper appreciation for when we do and a few tough life lessons about respecting even when we don't agree!!

This boy loved the soccer experience and I think we may have a continual soccer player on our hands. The constant movement and fast paced game is fun for this kid. It was so fun to watch him, too! Plus, for a kid with lots of his Mama, it's kinda nice to have him a little worn out by the end of the day :)

Soccer Season 1 down! Fun times following that #23 around this spring...

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