Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Send a Mom to Rwanda?


It's no secret I love Noonday Collection. I've spread their love all across my facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter feeds since I first met them. I can't seem to remember exactly how we met, but it came through my son's preschool teacher-turned-friend, whom became an ambassador for the company, Kristen Kimball. The first products I saw, I loved. Then I heard their story, their mission, their vision. A gal named Jessica hosted a trunk show from her home in order to raise funds to bring her son home from Rwanda. The style and purpose drew a huge response and it quickly became more then a fundraiser. To this day, Orphan Care and Prevention remains a core value. The vision took off, a partner was added...and boom: A dream was built...a business that would alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship. Today Noonday is styling us gals and changing the world as they do. It's a beautiful partnership. 

While I fell in love with what Noonday represents and they are some of my favorite accessories these days, I have no desire to become an ambassador. It's not my fit to be in that role. Then I opened an email from Noonday that invited people to come apply to come to Rwanda with them and TELL the stories of the artisans there. I couldn't shake the stirring in my heart. I'm not a sales girl, but I am a share girl. I love to connect people and things and communities and places with each other through...WORDS. It's why I blog, why I write, why I hang out on Social Media in this trenches of motherhood season. For good to be given to people's hearts as they live day to day in this ever changing and fast moving culture. I started to pray about what this journey might look like for me.

The journey to Rwanda might be one I take as virtually as the next person...or it might be one that has me flying to a place I had to look up on the map. Either way, for the next 10 days I am going to share my Noonday trip voting site and a.) bring awareness to their cause b.) support my friend, Kristen, as she establishes Noonday in our community c.) annoy a few people with my daily reminders to go vote d.) learn more about what Noonday means for us gals that like to buy pretty things to wear e.) possibly end up in the middle of Africa missing my kids, second guessing myself, and being rocked to my core as I experience what Rwanda and God have to teach me. 

So... check out Noonday Collection here.

And vote for me to go to Rwanda here. (You can vote everyday until May 28th and share it with your Facebook feed, too!)

Sometimes we can't ignore the nudge to jump. I've already been blessed to go through the application process and learn a few things for my life that I didn't know before. So to me I've won. To actually go to Rwanda would be a new journey with a whole new application that would solely involve my heart. Right down to the core. 

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