Monday, May 12, 2014

almost 1

Sis turns one in just a couple weeks. I've never had a first year with a newborn go this fast. Seriously, I can hardly tell you how we got back to this time of year already since the day she was born. Savannah has been just the sweetest addition to our family. We absolutely have loved our days with her here...

Since she will be 12 months soon, I suppose a quick 11 month update wouldn't hurt.
She is a happy camper. A mover. A monster of an eater. A chatter box. An easy go lucky kind of gal, thus far.

She doesn't stay in one place long once you put her down or unbuckle her, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

She actually has some hair growing finally. A little. As in if you look closely you can kind of see it blowing in the wind!

She has the best bear crawl. We can't decide if it's the knee's she's trying to save or the creativity of getting where she wants to go...either way, the bear crawling baby is fun to watch!

 She's got a mouth full of teeth, which makes for interesting nursing sessions, but she's so cute grinning back up at me with that mouth full of pearly whites.

 And her biggest milestone this month...she's started walking! She will give you a few steps all on her own, a whole yards walk with assistance, and her green tractor gets plenty of miles in as she pushes it around. Big she comes.

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