Monday, April 28, 2014

Pete Nelson is proud.

It's no secret my boys are climbers. I think it's a boy thing, but of all my boys, Austin is our biggest climber. If you are scared of heights...hold your breath for these pics. He gets really, really, really high!

I love that our property has some beautifully matured trees on it. For so many reasons I love this, but one of my biggest reasons is simply that my kids have space to climb and be in them.

Something magical happens when you are in a tree. The air feels perfect and the breeze on the face seems to kiss you. There are no distractions and for a young child (or big one for that matter) the world all sits in the journey of the climb to the top. Trees are a child's perfect playground.

So when I looked outside I shouldn't have been shocked to find Austin in one. He is our climber. He loves trees. He loves exploring.

What did shock me was the height that he had climbed to. To say my heart dropped into my toes is an understatement. But it's not the first time with these boys that they've caused this reaction. So these days we spend a little more time pulling our hearts from the ground and cheering the kids on as they enjoy recess on their very own jungle-gym in the backyard. They'd make Pete Nelson real proud! :)

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