Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It is true. In the season of young children from nursing babes to the pre-teen years... days are long, years are so very short.

My little ones at the moment...
Savannah is ever so ready to be a toddler. She crawls around keeping up with the big boys, giggling away at whoever will give her face time, and sleeps hard after a full days worth of baby being. Even falls asleep sitting up, poor fourth child!

Carson wakes up ready to ride the day away. He's either pedaling away or carrying a chicken around... or having a tantrum. True story.  He's our little love bug when he's in the right mood and our little monster when he's not. Carson, he has molded me like no other child of mine thus far!

Austin has decided to grow his hair out and won't let me touch it, so the above picture is a great snap-shot of his stylin locks these days. I love that he is comfortable in his own skin and dresses how he wants to, wears whatever makes him happy, and has a quirky style all of his own. Last week for church he came up wearing a flannel with a tie clipped on. It was awesome. He had a rough winter and his demeanor is ever so much better now that he can be outside again. He will explore anywhere, snoop around in everything, and find a treasure everywhere he goes!

Jaxon is all about the friends. And sports. And the friends. We have seen much more of him lately with a side-kick or two by his side. We love having the kids around here and it's fun to see Jax develop some rooted friendships with some great peers. He found his first soccer team to be a part of this spring, ran his first full 5K, and is heading to basketball camp this summer. Both friends and sports will be involved in all of the above. And his wings grow a little bigger...

These days, these kids, these moments... live in today, because tomorrow always comes way too soon. And I've heard these are the best years of our lives!

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