Wednesday, March 5, 2014

she's 9 months now!

Savannah is just so fun to watch every day. It seems with each day she adds a little more spunk or an opinion to her little personality. Clearly... she lets herself be heard when needed!
 My mom owns a darling little flower and gift shop in a Midwest rural town. She requested this sweet girl be included in her advertising this I attempted to squeeze her into the dress and to play the part... but she was hit and miss with the whole idea. There goes my attempt for cute 9 month pictures. But like most days with little just roll with it!

 Between not being able to crawl in the dress and the sitting still long enough to not leave a blur on the camera lens, I had my work cut out for me.

 This girl is only a few months away from 1...year...old. And this is how I kinda feel about it!

 I can hardly tell you where these last months have gone. They are really just moving along in a way I can't keep up. Though I try hard to pause through out my days and really, really look at and into my children's eyes. A habit that is sadly harder then it sounds.

 Oh, how I have loved adding this sweet face to our crew.

 This unexpected addition has shifted our lives... but that's what little ones are supposed to do. And I am so much better for it.

 I'm hoping this little splurge of personality that seems to be coming out settles well with the big boys in the house...and in the months ahead.

As you can see....they already seem to know how to keep her in the mix.

9 months and counting... 20 lbs, eating anything you give her, on the go. And still stolen my heart. Oh, to be her Mama...a wonderful grace filled gift. 

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