Wednesday, March 19, 2014

gold star teachers

A few weeks ago I walked past the room that holds our computer and found this... My 4th grader typing away on the keyboard. At school that day, he had heard about the Gold Star teacher awards. Before I had even had a chance to read the brochure in his back-pack, he was already nominating his favorites. Peaking over his shoulder I could see he had more then "He is nice" comments to include with his nominees. Plus, he had more then one favorite and for different reasons. I wasn't surprised at who he nominated, but what he wrote shocked me a bit, as he was much more detailed about it than I would have assumed. For a few reasons, might I add...

1.) Kids identify with their same-sex teachers tremendously. I know the education program is heavily filled with females and that is awesome. But as a mom to boys...I so, so appreciate the men who have stepped up to the role as teachers in our childrens lives. There is a natural and necessary relationship that happens from boys learning from boys. I appreciate the men at my son's school who teach and reach our boys for the next generation.

2.) Teachers worth is not found in the pay-checks they receive. Unfortunately, our culture runs according to where the money is. But under that surface is a hundred million souls that are richer thanks to a teacher. We've been really blessed with fantastic teachers whom love our kids almost every single year at their public school. Jax nominated a teacher who "likes him for him". Sometimes I forget to see my own son as he was made. Thankful for a teacher who likes him...just for being him.

3.) All kids need a sounding board and sometimes they need one outside of home. Jaxon picked another teacher because she "really listens to me and I can go to her when I'm having a problem". We can not be everything to our kids, but having teachers who can walk alongside you and fill in the gaps is priceless.

4.) While school is for learning, it does not mean desk work needs to happen all day to do so. As a mom, I have had the goal for my children to be life-long learners. I want them to love learning, forever. The teachers that go the extra mile to teach what needs to be learned, but do it in a way that leaves a positive experience with the process for our little learners is nothing short of a blessing. Jaxon chose another teacher for "making learning fun".

I know the schools can not teach my child everything he needs to know for life after school years. But, the partnership they have accepted in the role as teachers is shining through our children...their students. We're so blessed with a great teacher partnership this year and in many past years. So thank you, teachers. If the Hansen's were handing out the'd be gold star in our books! Thank a teacher today!

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