Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a valentine day

 I know Valentine's Day is totally cheese-worthy. All those years as a young girl and wanting a perfect Valentine day was such a waste of my hoping....because nothing beats loving on your kids in an extra cheesy way and gushing over pinks and reds just because you can. We don't do much, but we have fun with it. It's the little things that make a day stick out from others, so thats just what we do for our valentine fun.

Can't beat heart shaped pancakes. Oldest trick in the book, works every time.

 Having school aged kids means getting in on some fun classroom parties, so I go to celebrate the simple event and just be there. Nothing says I love you more then just being there.

 Jaxon indulged in treats galore and the beauty of being a 4th grader is your mom can't tell you to stop. Even I know it ain't cool to have your mom hounding you about what you eat in front of your friends... so I watched Jax eat enough sugar and chips for 3 people. And love every single second of it.

 Oh, and this is Jaxon's totally awesome teacher. Totally awesome.

Sis had her first Valentine day and was too busy to pose... but I think she enjoyed her heart pants and pink bow I insisted she stick on her head. 

 It's become our tradition to do a Valentine treasure hunt every year. I make clues, the kids run all over the house, and end up with a treasure of a few little things that we can do together...games, art activities, cardboard playhouses. 
 And what is a Valentine party without a red marked toddler?

 The boys had a picnic dinner in the playhouse and I think it stayed standing for almost 24 hours...almost.

 These three...

 The fun came to a close, but the memory of little things dressed up lives in my heart... in theirs too, I hope.

 Little years and smiling faces and fun days...

It's a full life when I really look.

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