Monday, February 24, 2014

8 months and counting

Baby Girl is growing. So fast I can't keep up! She turns 9 months old in a few days, so here is an 8 month update! 

 Savannah, often known as Savannah Grace or Sister or Sister Sue or Baby Sister or Sylvester. The Sylvester is my attempt to call her Sister and Savannah at the same time...a tongue tied Mama will spout out random names at times. Including calling your one and only daughter Sylvester. Often.

 Sis is on the move. Crawling like a champ, pulling herself up on everything to stand, and in the 8th month is officially standing on her own too. I think she's working to beat Jaxon's 10th month walking record for our crew. Perhaps a competitiveness to my darling baby girl? :)

 She's in the stranger danger stage. You know the one where if you aren't Mom then you are left with a crying baby? Yeah, while the stage is flattering to me for a bit...I'm willing to share the tot on my hip from time to time :)

 And if you are get these huge smiles!! :)

 Sister is curious and loves checking out the space around her. Don't worry, that garbage tin is full of mittens and hats...not trash. Even I have some boundaries :)

 Savannah is wearing 9-12 month clothes, eating anything you hand her and even some you don't, nursing still, and napping twice a day! Oh, and has 5 teeth. That a gal!

And her biggest milestone this month... she is sleeping through the night!!! Lets all shout hooray! (Ok, maybe thats just mom shouting!! :)

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