Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a valentine day

 I know Valentine's Day is totally cheese-worthy. All those years as a young girl and wanting a perfect Valentine day was such a waste of my hoping....because nothing beats loving on your kids in an extra cheesy way and gushing over pinks and reds just because you can. We don't do much, but we have fun with it. It's the little things that make a day stick out from others, so thats just what we do for our valentine fun.

Can't beat heart shaped pancakes. Oldest trick in the book, works every time.

 Having school aged kids means getting in on some fun classroom parties, so I go to celebrate the simple event and just be there. Nothing says I love you more then just being there.

 Jaxon indulged in treats galore and the beauty of being a 4th grader is your mom can't tell you to stop. Even I know it ain't cool to have your mom hounding you about what you eat in front of your friends... so I watched Jax eat enough sugar and chips for 3 people. And love every single second of it.

 Oh, and this is Jaxon's totally awesome teacher. Totally awesome.

Sis had her first Valentine day and was too busy to pose... but I think she enjoyed her heart pants and pink bow I insisted she stick on her head. 

 It's become our tradition to do a Valentine treasure hunt every year. I make clues, the kids run all over the house, and end up with a treasure of a few little things that we can do together...games, art activities, cardboard playhouses. 
 And what is a Valentine party without a red marked toddler?

 The boys had a picnic dinner in the playhouse and I think it stayed standing for almost 24 hours...almost.

 These three...

 The fun came to a close, but the memory of little things dressed up lives in my heart... in theirs too, I hope.

 Little years and smiling faces and fun days...

It's a full life when I really look.

Monday, February 24, 2014

8 months and counting

Baby Girl is growing. So fast I can't keep up! She turns 9 months old in a few days, so here is an 8 month update! 

 Savannah, often known as Savannah Grace or Sister or Sister Sue or Baby Sister or Sylvester. The Sylvester is my attempt to call her Sister and Savannah at the same time...a tongue tied Mama will spout out random names at times. Including calling your one and only daughter Sylvester. Often.

 Sis is on the move. Crawling like a champ, pulling herself up on everything to stand, and in the 8th month is officially standing on her own too. I think she's working to beat Jaxon's 10th month walking record for our crew. Perhaps a competitiveness to my darling baby girl? :)

 She's in the stranger danger stage. You know the one where if you aren't Mom then you are left with a crying baby? Yeah, while the stage is flattering to me for a bit...I'm willing to share the tot on my hip from time to time :)

 And if you are mom...you get these huge smiles!! :)

 Sister is curious and loves checking out the space around her. Don't worry, that garbage tin is full of mittens and hats...not trash. Even I have some boundaries :)

 Savannah is wearing 9-12 month clothes, eating anything you hand her and even some you don't, nursing still, and napping twice a day! Oh, and has 5 teeth. That a gal!

And her biggest milestone this month... she is sleeping through the night!!! Lets all shout hooray! (Ok, maybe thats just mom shouting!! :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

little hands

 Toddler's are so fun to teach...

 Every little thing is new...

...and these little hands actually will stop long enough to do a little something. A quick something!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

our 6 year old!

So it's almost 2 months after Austin turned 6 and when is it too late to post about his 6th birthday? I say never! A belated happy birthday blog post to our second born son who is as different as night and day from our first born, third, and fourth. And good thing. I love the creativity God has when he makes our little people!

  Austin is a gem and we're so blessed by his easy-going strengths and go with the flow personality. He excels greatly in creativity and problem solving and caring for nature and others and living a slow paced life. He is so easy to hang around, a wonderful snuggle bug, and always up for an adventure. He loves to make things, be outside, his tablet at the moment, and one on one time. He often will disappear into a room by himself and verbally make it clear he just wants some quiet time. Out little introvert at heart. His love for school isn't as dynamic as his big brothers, but he adores his teacher this year and the new friends he has made. He'd go camping every day if we let him and he's yet to sleep with any pajamas on. Maybe that will come in the 7th year? :) All in all, we are beyond blessed by this goofy, joyful, and adventurous little boy. Happy 6th year to one of our favorites!

Of course, as tradition seems to have it...Austin was sick on his birthday. Again. 3 years in a row!

We celebrated small and then we celebrated big later...

But he's an easy one to have sick at home.

And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't kind of happy :) It meant I got to keep him home with me on his birthday.

He talked about his Ninja cake for months and we delivered. 
A simple, Ninja themed birthday party with a small select crowd...  Kinda the way he likes it :)

Happy, happy 6th Birthday Austin! You are wonderfully made!

PS However, don't be fooled by a child's gentle spirit and easy ways. I have about gone crazy in the last week as I kept finding myself too early or way late for things. As Jaxon's teacher texted me yesterday that he would be a few minutes out to the van late I panicked, as I was still at home when I got the text. Looking at my house clock I still had 10 minutes to go get them...but then I checked my cell time and I was late!! A little conversation on the way home with the kids about me being late and Mr.Austin was a giggely mess. He simply said, giggeling..." I changed the clocks in the house." All of them. Not a one of them on the right time. Talk about tricking a Mama into thinking she is crazy!!!