Saturday, January 25, 2014

before she's 8 months

Since she turns 8 months old tomorrow, I thought I'd post her 7 months pictures first!
 Savannah Grace turned 7 months the day after Christmas...

 At the time she was just discovering she can move!

 As in a lot.

 She seems to be taking after her biggest brother and a bit ahead on the physical end of things.

 I suppose thats expected of a lady with 3 big boys to keep up with.

 She loves scooting around the house and eating anything too small for her mouth. Luckily our home never has that stuff laying around. (note sarcasm here :) 

Despite digging things out of her mouth 20 times a day, she keeps entertained on Mama's hip, watching her brothers, chasing the dogs, playing with a few toys, or sitting sweetly on somebody's lap. 7 months came and went. So goes these days with my babes :)

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