Friday, December 20, 2013

quick, the last of fall

The first day of winter is tomorrow. It seemed appropriate to finish up a few falls pictures before we leaped into a new season. So here's a few of my fave's...

Savannah's 1st Halloween. Literally so excited about it she was asleep standing up. Or maybe so tired from it, she couldn't keep her head up :)

 She made up for it later...
 Fall party 2013...a beautiful night out in our back-yard with some of our favorite people! I forgot to get the camera out until every single person was gone... oh well, here's what was left when everyone went home. 4 sweet, happy hearted kids. 

 Pure unfiltered beauty. Our yard. Our beautiful Creator at His best...

 Sis tried her first food! Squash it was.

 Daddy snuggles.
 This boy, turning a corner... a sweet side of him shining through more and more each day. Knock on wood.

 And don't forget all the fun in our front yard in the fall!!

 A little work...
 and a little play. Or a lot of play!

 First snow... seeing my kids faces wake up and see snow is magical. I get sad when they wake up some year and no longer see the wonder in a world full of sparkling white fluff.

 Savannah...up on all fours and wanting to crawl. Scooting everywhere!

 Boys being boys. Wrestling until someone gets hurt...every single time. Sigh....

 And a 6 month old already? Gheesh! Where do the months go?

Just a lot going on always...baths, potato peeling, dinner making, game playing... 

we are never bored here! Welcome Winter! See you tomorrow! After you comes...spring, yeah!

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