Friday, November 8, 2013

it was apple season here!

We have lived in our home for almost 10 years now and never have we had a supply of apples from our back-yard trees like this year. It was so awesome. The best part...not sprayed with anything and they tasted good! We have some bee friends who joined our neighborhood awhile ago and I think our little busy friends did a pretty good job this year! I think we'll be happy to have them stay...

 This kid picked apple after apple after apple...

 The trees just kept producing and we couldn't even use them fast enough.

 Hauling in baskets of your own fresh produce from your yard might be one of the best feelings as a food consumer!

 No really, we had a.lot.of.apples.

 What a gift to feed our family and our neighbors and our baby girl this winter!

 A sight to see... this outdoors loving boy climbing the apple trees and bringing me many arms full looking like this...

 Carson was all about the cooking process. 

 We spent afternoons making applesauce, babyfood, apple pies, apple crisp, apple muffins... you name it, we probably tried it this year.

 This was a wedding gift. And most days it collects dust in my cupboards, but it showed off in style this fall! (Thank you, Russell family :)

And some how I have no final product pictures. So I leave you with this...a bowl full of peelings that tell me apples and this house of six will be enjoying sweet treats all winter!

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