Tuesday, November 5, 2013

at this moment

So many days go by and I can hardly keep up with each new stage that seems to creep into our home. Kids are growing, changing, and transitioning all the time here. So for this moment today...a quick glimpse at where they are for a moment.

Savannah Grace, ready to be moving. She loves scooting around the floor and is up on all fours just a rock'in. She'll be crawling soon and for right now she loves her little toys, face time on the floor, and her yoga moves as I call them :) What a sweet pea.

Carson Benjamin, like a big elephant in a china shop. His little feet hardly keep up with his brain and he literally runs from one thing to the next. He no doubt loves the outdoors, his pet chickens, his binkie and his blankie. He also has a shoe/boot obsession right now. So these pictures catch a rare moment of him sitting still with his feathered friend and all his favorites attached to him.

Austin David, oh how you have come to love school! This kid has grown leaps and bounds in the last 6 months. Learning so much at kindergarten, being a good friend, and an eager learner. He went on his first field trip to Safety City and loved all of it. Every day almost you make me or Mrs. Fegley a picture and always have such good things to say ab out school. Love a little learner!

Jaxon Michael, you are all about the friends these days. Friends and football fuel your passions at the moment. Our little social bug and always up for a get together, play-date, party, or sleep-over. And if you boys aren't being loud and goofy and competitive when you are over here at our house, then I know something is wrong :) You are showing me what boys are all about...

That's the Hansen crew...for today...at this moment. 

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