Monday, October 21, 2013

Sanders Farm

 We picked the last warm weekend to hit up the pumpkin farm and oh man, am I glad we did! It was beautiful all around...the drive, the colors, the produce, the sky, and the views. I love fall!
 I was solo this weekend while Dave and the guys were in MN having a Vikings weekend.
 So I opted for a simple, small pumpkin patch. Just the good 'ole country and pumpkins.
 We love places like Bloomsbury and Carrol's, but I just wanted a low key day for this event...
 And Sanders didn't disappoint. It was just enough for my crew for the day.
 Carson and Austin loved it!
 And I couldn't believe how cheap everything was!
 We got a lot for our bucks :)
 Jaxon is too old and remembered the "fun" pumpkin farms we have visited...and this was not his idea of a pumpkin farm :) Can't please them all!
 I let the kids free and they chose a great variety of gourds, corn, mums, and pumpkins...
 The bigger the better was their theme! Only rule...they had to be able to carry it themselves!
 So many to choose from...
 I love these little faces and apparently Carson did too (Sorry Sis!)
 Still smiling at the end.
 A few animals to feed...
 A little animal petting...
 A first for Sis...
And another pumpkin patch memory in the books. Just isn't fall until you've hunted down the right pumpkins :)

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