Thursday, September 19, 2013

skater dude

Austin is so good for all of us. He likes things not everyone else around here would first choose and he's not afraid to just own it. I love that he tries new things, comes up with crazy imaginative ideas for solving problems, and just dances to his own tune...or skates to his own speed. You may not always find him front and center for football games, but you will find him up a tree, creating roads and building garages, digging in the garden, or on his board. He has this nitch lately for skate-boarding and loves it. And I love him for it. We made a ghetto ramp and he spends lots of free time just riding away. Love this kid and his ability to just be himself. I could learn a thing or two from him... :)

 First stages...
 Getting the hang of it...
He's up!

 He's gone!

and still smiling!

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