Friday, September 27, 2013

4 months with this sweet face!

 What could be any better? 4 months have well flown by already and this little lady has just been a dream baby to have around...
 She is a strong little cookie and I suppose one day she will let her big brother know just how strong she is :)
 She loves having her fingers in her mouth.
 She loves looking around and seeing what is around her.

 She even puts up with all the crazy around here like a champ.
 She is currently still breastfeeding and eats about every 2.5-4 hours, depending on what is in between.
 She loves to sprawl out. She sleeps on her back with her arms spread wide, like she is just always ready to go with the flow.
 She weighed in today at 15 lbs, 8oz and I already forgot how long she was :) She was 80th percentile for both and her head was 60th percentile. I think she's perfect :)
 She is still one happy child and will be so content just in my arms or hanging out in her bouncy chair.
 She loves being outside and inside isn't so bad either if there isn't a ton of noise... after awhile she just kind of cries would someone please remove me from all this busyness!?!?
 She is kind of settling into a nap routine. Bedtime is with Mama still and nap time she snoozes in Mom & Dad's room just yet.
 She is rolling over and loves to kick her legs over her body.
 She likes tummy time, too. Mostly when there is super sweet big brothers talking to her while she does.
 She is just a gift of grace. I am in awe every day that she is here...and she is part of our family.
My little girl...well, maybe Daddy's little girl...we love her, and I guess she is really only His. So thankful we have her right now...

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