Monday, September 2, 2013

3 months of this sweet gal

3 months. Her first year is going fast. I know these days are marked with little moments that we'll hardly remember one day...but these days I am soaking in all of this little girl that I can during her sweet smiling and ever so snuggly days. I love the way she smiles like crazy right after she wakes up and how she chews on her fingers. I love watching her kick her feet like crazy while laying on her back so she can maneuver herself across the floor. And the way she loves to rub her fingers on her shirt or my shirt or her blankie, just like Jaxon did. Of course I love how she nestles in to me to sleep and will be ever so patient to eat while I help another child out or finish a meal of my own first. She takes so much grief from big brother Carson and I think one day she will just end that charade once she can hold her own! She has the prettiest eyes, a contagious smile, and the best little marks on her ankle and upper leg that only she has. Fearfully, wonderfully made. We just love her!

Happy 3 Months of life here with this wild house of boys, a daddy who thinks your pretty sweet, and your mama who is so heavily filled up to call you daughter...
Savannah Grace, we sure love you!

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Becky Bartlett said...

She is so perfect... love the outfit!