Sunday, August 18, 2013

We interrupt this family... is here! Well, almost. Preseason is well under way and that means boys have been to training camp, preseason games, and are ready for the real thing to get this party started!! I gave in a long time ago. I knew I married a die-hard Vikings fan. I did not realize I married a die-hard football fan until we had kids. There is no swaying the main man of this house away from football. Believe me. I've tried. But what used to annoy me as I said no to one more fun fall thing away from the screen on Sunday has turned into a pretty great tradition in our house. Our boys love spending football weekends with their dad and they each get up to MN a time or two each fall for a weekend made of memories under the dome lights and time with their Dad. I love it, too. What used to be a pain in my apple orchard and pumpkin patch planning has become our fall fun for sure. 

So here we are again, football season for all... and though I may be chasing little ones and carrying babies around...I am cheering from the corners of the house. Cheering for football, but mostly cheering for my football loving boys doing their "thing" together. Go Team Hansen!
 Austin on his way out for his turn this summer. Jaxon, Dad, & cousin Curren went to Vikings Training Camp and the following weekend Austin went to his preseason game with his Dad.

 He was super pumped. But mostly for the hotel and next day fun at the Zoo :)

and the tradition lives on...

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