Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the rest of MN summer

Our Mn trip was slow moving and fairly uneventful... exactly what we were looking for in a good family trip this summer.  Lots of just hanging out, roaming the beautiful land, and time outdoors in the fresh air with no interruptions. Wonderfully good for the soul! Both my "babies" fell asleep more then once in my arms as we explored the trails and that alone was enough to fill my happy places! Love trips away with my crew and coming home is always bittersweet... 

 front yard golfing...

star-gazing night...29 shooting stars 

millions of fireflies to be chased...

hours to just run in the open...

and a cold floor to sleep on...we offered him a bed, this is how he ended up

fire-wood to gather

and first fires to be made by this growing boy

afternoons to push cars around in the fresh air

beauty to be seen

biggest boy

some-where between big and little

my cup over-flows...

sweet moments...

and not so sweet moments... :)

first big smiles

UNO game after UNO games...

a 2nd birthday (and a 12 year anniversary)

brothers at it's finest

a sleepy toddler

a sleepy back-seat and another Hansen trip in the books!

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