Thursday, August 8, 2013

Future Grass Cutter...almost!

It has finally happened. One of our kids is close to learning the trade of...grass cutting. It was like this ah-ha moment when I realized that perhaps my husband and I won't forever be trying to maintain this home by ourselves :) For real though, Jaxon came home from his buddy's house and after witnessing his pal ride comfortable across their acres long yard he asked to cut ours. Our answer? Heck yes. 

The ask was followed by excitement and it kind of went down hill from there...
First, we don't have a fun riding lawn mower. Oh my goodness...he would actually have to PUSH the mower. Second, it was sunny out...he might actually have to sweat a little. Third, we are way to picky...why should he have to get the whole yard and why can't you leave foot long gaps in the yard?  Needless to say, we are practicing and this chore isn't yet ready to hand down!! Someday though, someday. 

Can his face tell you how "excited" he was when he realized he had to work a little bit?

 He didn't even get the front yard finished without a front yard scene and some tears...

 But by the time I finished the front yard, he had pulled himself together and sweated through the back... It's kind of humbling when your MOM can mow. 

 He actually started to give it some effort...

 And a little pride started to grow as he realized he could do this!

 He hasn't asked again yet, but the joy of accomplishing this one afternoon has given him some confidence to talk about it... and talk is cheap until you show what you got! Good thing he is my competitive son. I see a boy behind the mower again soon :)