Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School!

It is much too early to be gathering all these kids back to school if you ask me, but back to school we went just this last the middle of August with summer days left to the side while we piled too big backpacks on our kids and sent them to bed before dark so they could be ready learners! This year we had two heading back. Our big 4th grader and our little kindergartner! Jaxon was ready to get back (and I was ready for him to get back...he needs people!!) and Austin was willing to go, a bit neutral about the whole thing.  I remember when this fall seemed forever away in my head...sending them both at the same school. Blink. Off they go...

Doesn't Austin's bag look as big as him? 
Back to School night! Crazy and chaotic, but the boys loved seeing their rooms and running into some familiar faces. A little dinner out afterwards to celebrate the new season starting and here we go...
Our two school aged boys!

We always make a back-to-school cake together the day before...this year we had two boys ready to indulge on the new year and the treats :)
Austin hopped out of bed the first day, got himself dressed, could hardly eat a bite of breakfast, and was ready with a few minutes to spare. 

Jaxon looked SO big at my breakfast table!!

Last year at this time Austin was excited until it was time to actually go. His preschool teacher sure helped him conquer his dislike for school in the beginning last year and I know his lack of tears this year partly came as a lesson learned from her that scary beginnings can end up being really good things. 
Jax has an awesome teacher this year!! We might be biased, but we liked her before we knew we had her :) Remember our roomie, Natalie? Jax has Nat's cousin for a teacher and we've known her for years. It's gonna be a great year!!
And this picture just makes me smile! This boy was confidant and ready! His teacher is also a gem in the teaching field with years of experience, a heart for Jesus, and patience for this boy. Austin will be doing part time home-school (half days) and we're thrilled to work with his teacher this year!!

The boys had a good first few days. Austin said his favorite part of day so far is "alone time" and recess. So my kid.  Jaxon likes his teacher the most so far :) And talking with friends before school. So my extrovert son. Feeling great about this school year! And here we go...

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