Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tiger Camp

Being the oldest has its perks. Austin thinks his big brother is super cool getting to try lots of new things this summer... many firsts happening here as Jaxon goes on his first trip without us (Youth Art Team went to Chicago!!), church camp (with best cousin pal, Kyler), and his first Tiger basketball camp! Jaxon has more of a social calendar then I do these days and I think Austin is watching closely looking forward to what is ahead for him. Jax has loved all these things so far and the new freedoms are giving him some confidence as he steps into the middle years of childhood.

Jaxon went to camp with a couple good buddies. They had a blast! And Jaxon's "coach" was a high-school boy who goes to church with us, so he loved that too. 

They scrimmaged each day and we went to watch the last day...Jaxon was pleased to announce they were undefeated...

 Until the last day! Maybe we were bad luck? :)

Still fun to watch though and oh, how they have grown since last summer! (much thanks to his winter basketball coaches who taught many fundamentals for this growing stage of learning the game).

Jaxon, "coach Lewis", and the team!

Cam, Jax, and Gabe! (Jaxon was so excited to come home from camp with first place medals for free-throw contest, hot shot, & lay-up contests...not that he wore his medals for two days or anything or has worn his camp shirt 75% of the summer :).

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