Saturday, July 6, 2013

summer mornings

My kids just function better with some regular routine in their lives. Or maybe thats me? Either way, our days go better when we have had a little bit of a plan for how we spend our time. This is a very loose routine though and much of our day is done by hourly decisions made for us, especially with a newly babe in the mix here now. One thing we try to do each morning is keep our morning Bible breakfast time and a little time spent on math or reading/writing time. For two reasons... I want my kids to be comfortable with their Bibles and that doesn't happen if we don't regularly dig into them together. By bedtime we are just tired, so mornings are our better option as we all come alert and ready to hear God's word. Second... I love learning alongside my kids and keeping them somewhat involved in their academic path during the slower summer months. 

So our back-porch table has been our gathering point many mornings this summer and I really enjoy the days that this works our for us. The boys enjoy it most days, I keep the learning fun and age appropriate, and there is always a yummy snack afterwards and good coffee for me during it :)  Love this short season of learning together on beautiful summer mornings with a sweet baby girl resting on my shoulder or in her bassinet...and my wild toddler tagging along, spit-fire and all!!

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Becky Bartlett said...

Love this, Jess. You are phenomenal!!