Monday, July 1, 2013

slip n' sliding!

It's been such a weird summer... our normal get up and go routine (pool, parks, trails) has been much more of a be still and slow at home. We've got a sweet baby girl and some mild summer days to thank for that. And I'm okay with this most days!! The big boys have been keeping busy around the house though and the old slip n' slide provided entertainment for them one afternoon when the sun decided it would stay out for more than an hour! 

Carson wasn't sure about it and preferred to dump water in the end... I don't think we ever got him to go down the wet slide!

It was his idea to start this fun...he has always got fun ideas to do! Love it!


A safe place, the kiddie pool away from wild big brothers :)

These two...

And lately it is starting to be these 3!

Summer fun!

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