Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A little Get-away!

Two weeks after we brought Savannah home my husband came home from work, pulled up this adorable cabin on the lap-top, and informed me we were going there for a long weekend in July. Dave is pretty good at sweet surprises for me and all of us and this is one that tops the list! It was perfect for our season of life right now. Secluded, private, quiet country side cabin sitting on top a hill looking out over some of the Midwest's beautiful country hill sides and fields. We were smack in the middle of no-where (no, really...the closest fountain soda pop for my hubs was 45 min away!). I loved everything about it... the stillness, the constant breeze, the birds singing, the crickets chirping, the boys running through trails in the woods, the stars at night, and the very undistracted few days with just our crew. It was really great. We celebrated 12 years of marriage and Carson's 2nd birthday all on this trip... I would go back in a heart-beat and would love to whisp my girlfriends away for a little quiet girls trip some day... wink, wink...hint, hint... :)

The view was so peaceful I have to share some of those pics...people pics tomorrow on another post!

The sun rose every morning to the sound of birds welcoming us and this view to take our breathe away...
and our little otter friend was usually waiting for us first thing in that pond.
The rustle of corn stalks swaying with the wind put me to sleep most nights. Wonderful.
And my boys had dozen of wild flowers to pick for daily fresh bouquets.
The moon was so big out there in the open!
From our place you could see 4 farms nestled in the hills...a rooster or two to say hello every morning!
Mornings started here usually...not a bad way to start a day!
The boys walked, ran, and skipped down this road dozens of times...
Three brothers...
Wide open spaces...a little boys dream :)

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