Saturday, June 15, 2013

Got Game?

Like most parents, we have dreams for our kids as we mold their childhood and it is so fun when some of these dreams of ours actually come true. My hubs has always wanted a nice basketball hoop for his boys to grow up with, practice on, and have fun with and we've both wanted our home to be a place where our kids bring their friends to hang out. Jaxon is getting old enough that friends are starting to come around more often and him his Dad seem to be playing some basketball more often, too. So when the opportunity came up to put in a nice basketball hoop for hours of fun to be had for years to husband pulled the trigger and made it happen. It was all his vision and planning and I'm super proud of his latest project. The finished product has already been used a ton and we look forward to lots of ball dribbling, hoop shooting, game playing, and bike riding days ahead. Knock-out anyone? 

 Our good friend, also named Dave, really made this happen for us! He was the brains (and muscle too) behind most of the concrete work. Thanks, Dave!!!

 Our brother-in-law also pitched in a morning to help get the drive-way ready for pouring cement...

 And the kids were entertained with bugs, worms, and dirt found...

 As well as Dave's sweet ride! Austin rode most of the time with Dave in the skid-steer loader...and loved it!

 These guys plowed through this in one morning...

 and my little outside boy was thrilled to be involved!

 Between Dave, Dave, Aaron, and Walt...these guys made it happen! So thankful for helping hands!!

 Pre-drying cement...

 I am impressed, boys!!!

Our awesome work crew, blessed with friends and family. Really.

 And the next week Grandpa & Grandma came to finish the job...Thank you!!

 This boy was a LITTLE excited :)

 And this boy was, too :) (You still got it, Babe!)

Our new fun entertainment! Hello BB time! (I really hope all our kids like basketball!! :-)

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