Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby Girl's 1st days...

Savannah arrived so late at night that we didn't even get to have the boys come meet her until the next day. It was Memorial Day, but to us it seemed like an exciting first day to meet a new sister! I had about 3 hours of sleep that first night in the hospital and by the time nurses had done baby girl's tests and checks, the lab techs had been in to get blood samples, I had been given some time to get a bath and some food, the baby doctor had been in, and I had some nursing was well into Monday morning and we finally pulled our phones out to share the news with our family and close friends. Savannah's temp was low, so she had to spend some time in the nursery under a heat lamp til mid-morning and we had the kids wait to come up til she was in the clear and ready to be held. It was a fun first meeting...

My final picture of baby girl inside me! Headed to the hospital!

And my last pic of my three boys before they ALL became BIG brothers! (Yes, Carson seemed HUGE when I saw him next!!)

 About 2am...Savannah gets her first bath. She hated it and pooped all over for most of it. So lady like already :)

 True story... about 5am they wheeled Savannah into my room and as I blurry eyed looked over at the bassinet coming toward me I thought to myself...that's not my baby, it has a pink hat. Then I quickly remembered...I have a girl :)

 Maybe one of my most favorite visual memories tucked in my heart... My three boys coming around the corner into my room with a pink balloon and flowers for their sister and Mama. Jaxon had this huge grin on his face and led the pack. Carson squealed in delight as he saw me, and Austin climbed right up on my bed for a snuggle. Jax wanted to hold his sister right away and that he did!

 This picture cracks me up. The three boys on the left looked less then impressed. Jax and I look happy, happy, happy! Sitting still for pics is not the Hansen boys strength.

 You've heard me mention her, but this is our college roomie who occupies our basement. She has been with us since last August and will head out this summer to go student teach. I couldn't have just anyone live with me... but this gal makes having a roommate easy. She gets my introverted and quiet ways around home and I never feel like I need to entertain her. I love that she jumps in anywhere to lend a hand when she is, dishes, laundry, picking up toys, feeding dogs, you name it. My boys love her, she is sweet mannered and gentle, she cleans up after herself, she doesn't let my boys get away with everything, and is so easy to have around. The boys stayed at home with her when we were in the hospital and I am super thankful God knew what He was doing when he sent Natalie our way last summer... she is going to be missed!!

 Austin finally holding her. He gets sweet on her a time or two each day!

 Carson just giggled and touched all her little features. He loves babies and found her pretty interesting...

 ...but not as interesting as this. His fun during his visit was the flushing of the toilet in my room. Wow. Those sibling visits after one or two sure get shorter :) Can you believe when we had Austin we let Jaxon spend the night at the hospital with us the second night. This time the kids visited once...and that was enough :)

Ha-ha-ha...attempting a first sibling pic! Priceless!

 I loved that my lap finally had room to snuggle this boy close again...and he loved fishing a spot next to little miss.

 I was really wiped after the last few nights of little sleep and my body was sore, so I took advantage of the awesome nurses and sent Savannah to the nursery for the afternoon and got some rest. I knew going home to 4 kids was going to be work and I was taking full advantage of a little R & R or "mom-cation" in the hospital :) I was exited to share our girl later in the day when grandparents were coming to visit and other then that we had no planned visitors to come. Jax was so excited he came back with Dad by himself to visit while the grandparents came. Look how proud and happy he looks! I sure enjoyed a quiet stay, room service, long baths, and special one on one time with my sweet baby girl.

 Savannah was a sweet gal those first days in the hospital. Calm and quiet and a good cuddle bug. I spent a lot of time just looking at her...

And on Tuesday afternoon this little lady, her Dad, and I all headed home. We arrived home to a quiet house  while the boys were at the farm and Jax was in school. A nap, a new baby, and a hot meal made for the perfect first hours at home! And there we as a family of six began!


Amanda said...

Awesome :) 4 can be a struggle! But, the blessings far outweigh the those tough days :) Enjoy! These days go much too quickly. She's a doll!!!

Manfulls said...

She is just precious! I'm so happy for you!!

Maribeth said...

What an awesome pictorial of Baby Savannah's first days. The photos are so sweet, and because of your three active boys-- so funny, too! Oh Savannah, you are in for an adventure, and your brothers are too!