Saturday, May 25, 2013

our preschooler!

Austin had a big week this last week with finishing preschool and visiting kindergarten all in a few days of each other. We couldn't be more proud of this boy this year as he grew into a more confident, comfortable, and happy school going kid. He came a loooooong way from the first weeks of school while he fought back tears on the ride to preschool, to these last couple months of jumping out of the van almost before I even parked! I can not say enough about his preschool and the teachers he had... and I am also so, so, so glad I took the time last spring to visit a variety of preschools and get a feel for teachers with his personality in mind. God blessed this boy greatly through wonderful teachers and together we saw him just blossom. It is so fun to see your child grow and even sweeter when the other people helping you are cheering him on just as much. We will miss Orchard Hill Preschool and are so thankful for being a part of their program that brings up little ones to love Jesus and love learning.

 Austin had his kindergarten visit mid-week and was super excited...until it was time to say goodbye. He got a little nervous and shy, but when I picked him up he was full of details from his fun morning.  He will most likely attend public school part time and home-school part time and he's looking forward to going to big brother Jaxon's school next year.

Here he is on his last day of preschool! One cool, confidant 5 year old...!!!

His teachers had a little ceremony and party for the kids...and I saw more then one person wipe a tear or two away. It was a really great group of families, kids, and teachers!

We love Mrs. Kimball! She has the perfect amount of energy and spunk for this goofy boy of ours :)

And we love our Mrs. Knapp who never hesitated to offer an extra hug, gentle words, or some extra encouragement for our boy...will miss her!

Congrats to our Austin boy! School he comes!

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