Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We live fairly close to a reserve and that means we get a variety of wildlife in our yard from time to time. It's not odd to wake up and see 5 deer grazing in the back open grass behind our house or see a Mama Duck and her babies waddling down the street. This particular Mama surely hatched a big batch of little feathered ones this year...I think I counted 14!!!

She was headed towards water and our yard was on the way...

 That made for one happy 5 year old boy here!!

He "helped" them get to where they were going...

 They were a good full hour of entertainment one morning!

I mean, how could they not be...how cute are they?

Cute, right?

Austin was so busy watching out for them... helping them cross the street, get around the yard, and bringing them water from his cereal bowls :)

Spring has sprung and hopefully the Mama in this house can join Mama Duck with her own new hatched baby soon!!!

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