Monday, March 25, 2013

Play of the Day

Carson is growing so fast and each month I see he has mastered a new skill or climbed a new high spot or learned a new word or has a new favorite thing to do. If I had to sum up this kid in one word it would be...moves! Always moving forward it seems, moving in place, and moving towards being a big boy. I guess God knew he would not fill the shoes as "baby" in this family for very long, because he never really enjoyed the baby stage of his life and he is always trying to do what his big brothers are doing and stay caught up with me around the house. But for today, he is still my baby boy and these are a few of his latest faves...

He loves to wear our shoes and walk around the house in them. Doesn't matter the style or size...just not his and often times during the day.

He loves to a.) climb up on the kitchen counter 50 times a day, b.) track Dad's pop cup and steal sips, c.) wear his pajamas all day so he doesn't have to sit still to get dressed

Austin is often found pushing some sort of wheeled toy through the house...and lately Carson has got a kick out of trying to follow him with his own. When he sees Austin he will run over to the toy basket, find his train or a garbage truck, and rush back to get right behind Austin. It's pretty cute for me...Austin doesn't always appreciate it :)

Slides! Carson and Austin have the most fun going down over and over together. However, Carson usually prefers to jump from the top of the slide into someone's arms.

And here he is "hiding". His latest thing is to sit some place very quietly and wait to be found. He loves this old canister, the nook behind his dresser, behind my bed, and in his brother's room. The best part is he doesn't think you can see him until you make eye contact with him, in which case he then falls into a fit of giggles and I quickly forgive him for the total mess he created just minutes before this new game :)

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