Wednesday, March 20, 2013

He's 9!

Jaxon spent his 9th birthday mostly at school, but we made some fun happen for him before and after and he fell into bed that night an exhausted new 9 year old. This last year has been a transition year I would say... leaving behind some child like ways and trying to sort through a wave of new emotions, feelings, responsibilities, and relational experiences. 3rd grade has proven to be a year of good challenges that have helped him gain some new habits and it feels a bit weird to have my boy at such a place in childhood. He's a great kid...does well in school, can be super helpful, very responsible, a kind friend, has a heart for God, is fun to play with, and always up for an adventure...a little emotional at times, but continues to stretch us as parents and a great first-born! We sure love him and all God is showing us through him. Happy 9th year, buddy!

 Jax is often found jamming to his tunes. And I feel old, as our interests are a bit different and I hear myself saying every day... "Turn it down". Morning of his birthday here...up before everyone like usual, earphones on, and Pandora already spinning.

 Austin was way into getting his big brother a present. He knew exactly what he wanted to get for him ad never backed down...

 We start all our birthdays off with a special requested breakfast and a few gifts from us. This years choice...waffles with M & M's and OJ.

 Birthday picture! (The skate-board was from Austin...he is so excited to learn with him)

 After school we let Jaxon have some friends over... it was crazy!

 9 3rd grade boys...loud, sweaty, laughing, competitive, wrestling, basketball, dance party... and eating lots of snacks.

 A fun bunch!!

 A wild bunch! :)

 Jaxon had a fun afternoon...we went out for his birthday dinner and came home to snuggle in for a movie night slumbering it up in our bedroom.  His dad is treating him and a couple friends to an Iowa game tonight for his "party" this year,already starting off well...Happy 9th year to our boy!

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