Friday, March 8, 2013

final snow days

While the snow we've had fall the last couple weeks has been pretty, I won't be too sad when it goes. We are ready to see green in our yard, go outside without bundling up in 3 layers, and open our windows to feel the breeze and hear the birds sing. That being said...we've had some pretty fun outside days too over the last few weeks with what I hope is the last of the white stuff. What a fun winter in many ways as all three of our boys could go outside and enjoy the fresh air and snow piles. My favorites are when we made it over to our local nature center to sled through the trails and the days the wind was down, sun was out, and and new fluffy snow was around to kick around in. This is my final snow I am done with this season and ready for the next. Waiting patiently... :)

 Carson was 18 months old this day! He has become such a busy little boy, but also has such a sweet side. Follows me around, gives hugs, loves to snuggle and read books, do little hand activities like building or sorting or sensory art, loves to dance, jump on his brother's bed, and be outside. Sweet, wildly fun and busy boy!

 This dog loves to play in the snow... And Austin loves to chase her!

 Austin eating snow...we've had too many conversations about "clean" snow and "dirty" snow. Boys!

 Boys being boys...on top of the chicken coop, screeching in pure fun and laughter. Love every thing about it.

 More outside fun!

 A little tunnel building with pals...

 Jaxon is a master tunnel builder and his little brothers sure appreciate it! (as does his 7 month pregnant Mama!! :)

 We had no school due to conferences last week, so we had some friends over to play for a bit. Made my heart swell as I saw my boys fill their morning with outside fun with their buddies. After a very long morning of snow fun, we warmed up by a fire and freshly baked monster cookies...yum!

Thank you, Mother Nature, for so many beautiful days these past few months...memories of little ones playing outside in the snow and hiking through snow covered woods. It has been a gift to us all... we are so excited to see our next gift of green grass and colored flowers displayed across the same ground!

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