Friday, February 1, 2013

to remember

Each year we head to the Dells is a little different...a few things I want to remember about this year...

Some years we have morning napping babes and nursing babes and afternoon napping kids and anything in-between. This year was so great because all our kids were at an age where we could go to the parks as a whole family almost every time. Next year...not so much :)

This year, our boys each found something they loved in the water and stayed busy. They also still like to play with each other, which for a mama...makes my heart so happy.

Jaxon is clearly growing up and this year I noticed it so much more. While I sometimes heard complaining about being at a "baby pool", I also saw lots of joy come out of him as he faced the big waves, big water rides, and hung out with the adults in the afternoon. Being an oldest kid myself and often times much older then my own cousins/siblings...I can appreciate being accepted by the adult crowd and this year Jaxon really tried to be included in the "bigger events" we did. I also had a fun little helper in the baby pools with his little brother and carrying things back and forth.

This child will make my heart skip beats until the day I hand him over for his wife to worry about!! Once he warmed up to the idea of big pools and little slides, he was all in. He insisted on swimming at his nose level. He just likes life a bit on the edge. Good for him, he will be a mountain mover some day!

My sweet blonde haired baby boy this year...and the bonus? He slept all night this year! Last year I paced the halls with this young man in the wee hours of the morning trying not to wake up the whole suite. So, so thankful this year he slept.

Both big kids got pretty excited to hit the arcade. I love that their Dad joins them to round up a bunch of points for prizes...or maybe he is just a kid at heart? Either way, I loved seeing both boys play games with their dad.

And this was my youngest boy this year...often times just below my bulging belly and holding tight enough to not lose me, but always looking for the next adventure to run after. Oh, and this was my belly this year too...also a wonderful girl waiting to join us :)

And last, but not least, I never have to worry about food... snacks have become a meal-time and there is just nothing better then gathering around good food ever!

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