Sunday, February 10, 2013

a glance

It is often hard to capture a real day at home with a house full of little ones. But these are 3 quick "in the moment" glances...

 Today, at this moment...this boy is running a fever...still. He has been since Wednesday. Thankful I am a stay home mama this week and not scrambling to figure out work/child-care schedules with a sick child at home.

 And this boy...I opened his bedroom door and got this look :) Typical Austin...just creating his own fun doing something completely random.

Of course I caught this one getting into something. Pushed stool over to kitchen desk and seconds away from destroying a bag of muffins. Probably wanting to take a bite out of each one and then throw it to the dogs. So glad I caught him in the act...those are good muffins!!

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