Monday, January 28, 2013

Jumping right in!

We just returned from a week long stay up at the Dells. The week went by so fast this year and I was very thankful for a slow start back to life...canceled church Sunday and delayed school start today. Thank you, Mother knew we were moving slow adjusting back to real life.

This was our first year being on vacation and having an actual sick kid with us. Austin developed croup literally about 4 hours after we arrived. He had some awful nights that even scared his mom a bit as we moved to the steamy shower a few times to help his breathing and slept with him propped up on me. For as awful as he felt at night, he was such a trooper during the day. With some meds and some naps, he never missed a water-park. I didn't know what to do with a sick kid on vacation...stay back? take him home? just go? I didn't we did the best we could and he tagged along enjoying himself at the parks and snoozing in the room when he could. Regardless of the croupy boy, it was still a fun week and I came home a bit tired and happy in my heart just the same. 

The first full day we hit the waves! Everyone loves the wave pool...warm sunshine coming through roof windows and plenty of space to spread out and enjoy!

 Carson was hesitant at first...he stood close to Dad for awhile with one finger in his mouth ..slowly taking it in...

 The kids were all too familiar with the kiddie station and headed right over...

 This is so Austin...just doing his own thing, happy to be in the water and having fun. Can you tell he is sick? :)

 Jaxon makes my heart skip a beat in the waves...but he LOVES them and is pretty good in them... he could barely run through the water the first year we came. Now look at him!

 Uncle Aaron is always up for making the waves spectacular alongside him...he even pulled a little girl out this year as she got swept away. Good guys we have in this fam!

 Carson finally liking the idea of this place!

 After a full afternoon in the waves this is where we land...jammies, hot cocoa, snuggling cousins, and the TV. 


                                 I love this photo...the boys and their blankies :)

And once the kids hit the hay...the adults can veg out :)

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