Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Diggin' Dudes

The boys had some good mornings of just doing "nothing" over break together. Austin for the most part loves having his brother home with him. As we dropped Jaxon off today for his first day back to school after break, Austin asked how many days til Jaxon can stay home again and about 3 different times this morning wanted to know when we could go get him. Despite their typical brother feuds, they do have fun from time to time :)  

 The boys got some neat gifts this year and one of them was this dinosaur fossil project.

 Austin took it very seriously... Jaxon caught on to the fun after some convincing from his younger brother.

 Jaxon is a kid who will complain about what we are doing at first and then usually ends up loving it....but shhh, don't tell him :)

 Even Carson woke up for the final fossil digging.

 And by the end we had a 5 year old declaring his future job from farmer to dinosaur digger.

Guess that diggin in dirt thing can lead to a career when you grow up!! :-)

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