Friday, January 4, 2013

Break for our Boys!

Anyone else feel like Christmas break went way too fast this year?  We had an early start even with the last two days of school canceled due to snow. We didn't mind now, but we will come June! We had a great break, despite starting and ending with a flu bug. Austin began break (his birthday, actually) with strep that thankfully nobody else got it as bad as him. He also ended break with the stomach flu...which unfortunately we all have gotten and still recovering. But, the middle was great and for that I am thankful! We packed a lot of nothing and everything in and I think we all enjoyed a little time to just let our family be. 

 The big boys had some good one on one time together, both inside and out.  Jax has been showing Austin the ropes with some new computer games.

 Carson discovered candy did my bed-spread, coffee-table, and walls. Thanks buddy!

 Our kids get 3 gifts each year for Christmas...Three Kings gifts we call it. Austin's "gold" gift this year or something he would enjoy a lot was this beautiful handcrafted barn. One of my fellow farmers market vendors makes them...he is 81. And this was prefect for our farm loving boy.

 The boys made a lot of creations with magnaformers and math blocks.  For our math loving boy, this was a great time passer by activity!

 Carson just loves having us all home! Plenty to keep up with and people to follow around.

 We did a bit of painting and Austin sure enjoyed this wooden tractor project. 

 We spent some time outdoors too! Carson loves the snow and keeps up fairly well with his steadfast snow loving big brothers. 

 One moring it was just warm enough to be outside and a beautiful snow was falling. We headed to Hartman for the morning and it was a very perfect start to our day!!

 The boys filled the quite air with their giggles and the deer were there to greet us too.

 We pulled the little boys on sleds...

 Made snow angels...

 And took lots of breaks to just sit, walk around, and take in the scenery. It was beautiful!

 We had a full day of basketball too! The little boys stayed entertained with the crowd, snacks, and plenty of bleacher activities.

 The big boy came out a bit more confidant then his last tourney and had a great day! We love our group of kids and coaches he plays with, so the day is fun for all!

 We had some nice napping time! yeah!

Jaxon had fun figuring out his new tablet and the lazy days to do such things.

 And these two dominated the wii Mario games...and then some :)

 Our buddy boy who just seems to be catching every bug this winter...tis the season to first year in school and holiday gatherings :)

And of course, some reading time too.

Whew, throw in our family Christmas's and church and sleeping and we had a blessed break. On to 2013 we go!!!

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