Tuesday, December 4, 2012

the gals out back

It's been 7 months since we brought these gals home...well, since the mailman dropped them off at our front door. What started as big balls of pure fluff and tiny little chirps have become full feathered beautiful little ladies. And they are earning their keep here very well!  I have loved watching our boys gather around these feathered friends and help them grow, adapt, and become some of our beloved little backyard pets. They are a hoot to watch, even funnier to see our toddler chase them around, and fun to see out back whenever we look through from the indoors. They are producing a good amount of eggs for us and breakfasts have become a favorite meal around here, as well as baking, using our day old or straight from the coop eggs! 
 Rhode Island Reds...beautiful red feathered friends with a little spunk in their personality and quick little things too. These gals are egg producing machines with their brown colored eggs that faithfully come every day!

 Our little silkies. These white bantam hens are docile and friendly and don't mind a little toddler loving from now and then :) They started a bit slower but are starting to deliver two perfectly shaped small white eggs for our morning feasts.

 Happy and healthy! Good job, boys!

 Fully grown and ready for life in our back-yard!

A few of our gems... love what our feathered friends bring to our family table!


Karen and Brett said...

AJ randomly asked about your chicks the other day! Even though he was scared to touch them he loved them!

Anonymous said...

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