Friday, December 21, 2012

snow boys

Can't keep a good man down... no winds or storm. These boys keep pushing me to go beyond my comfort level...and have some fun while we do it! 

When I asked Carson if he wanted to go out, he was so excited to get out there. I thought for sure he would only last 10 minutes. While he did not love trying to walk in the snow, he did love the toddler sled and just smiled the whole time he grunted at me to keep going! I was done well before him and I carried in a crying toddler boy who wanted more of the snowy outdoors!!

The smile on this boy's face captures his joy for this kind of play! Even with a low grade fever, he bundled up and followed his big brother out. I think he explored every inch of the back-yard. And every time I looked at him he was either quietly taking in his surrounding or just shrieking with joy!

And this kid is getting daring out there! He attempted to jump of his sled from too many high places, but his risky play sure makes his next of kin want to tag along. I love how well the two big boys play outdoors together. Even if I have to squish a few good ideas :)

I love that my boys love the outdoors through all seasons. There is nothing better then fresh air, sunshine, and the feel of the breeze against your skin to lighten anybody's spirit for the moment. Love these snow boys and all they make me do.... most days!


Valerie said...

Ahhh, looks like so much FUN, Jess!!!

Becky Bartlett said...

My boys may need to come learn a thing or two from yours. AS soon as the 45mph wind hit their faces, they cried! :) We'll try again on a less windy day.