Sunday, December 23, 2012

our birthday boy

I had a big blog post all ready to put up for Austin's 5th birthday...  and then he woke up with a high fever (again) after his nap on his own birthday and as I called the clinic to get him in, my spunky curious 1 year old managed to hit the delete button on my almost finished birthday post. Sigh... thus is the life with little people :)  I will get some photos up of our ever so sweet middle son, but for today...a few of his things to remember him being four.

Austin is in many ways very opposite of our first son. When he came along life with him seemed to gently change and he made a sweet little entrance that to this day reminds us of his calm and easy going personality.  He has faith like a child and his easy acceptance of what is truly encourages me to stretch and just be okay with whatever is around me.

This boy can play by himself for hours and some days prefers just that. More then once he's asked to be left alone for quite time or for alone time and he finds a pile of books some place or creates his own car garage or just explores his back-yard. He loves to tag along to do about anything with you...Menards is his favorite stop with Dad! Often times he will ask after we drop Jaxon off...'Can we go to ALDI"? He loves to be outside...I can't say this enough. not only does he love playing outside, but he just loves what outside has to offer... space to move around, nature, peacefulness, adventure, animals, living things, and fresh air. I have never seen a kid more content with a hiking afternoon through the woods or time to just wander his back-yard. He loves the farm and everything it seems to offer him and often tells us he is going to live in the country someday with his 6 kids. He is even sweet enough and tells us we can visit him there all the time and I can cook him some lunch.

And I don't know what to say about his favorite foods other then he is a junkie...!!! What can I say...this boy loves his ice-cream and donuts and hot cocoa and candy. Ugh, my tummy hurts thinking of it all. His mouth waters at the mention of a treat!

Being four meant many hours of driving cars and trucks and tractors and trains. He built many ramps and garages and tracks. Anything with wheels is usually in one of his hands or in a pocket and on every level of the house and on the back-porch. Lord knows I can not throw out any 132 of them because he knows exactly each vehicle by it's color, shape, or style and notices when one or five go missing after a few days.

You can tell this boy was born in the middle of winter. At least that is my reasoning behind his crazy love for snow! He is amazed by the falling of snow and he can't wait to trudge around in it once it arrives. He honestly prays for snow the way I hope for lots of sun filled pool days :)

Austin learns very creatively .. everything is different then how Jaxon learned and this four year old, now five year old, prefers to do things hands on and always sees things from a different view and always takes his time to take in something new. I love his joy when he figures out something new and his eagerness to do it on his own.

This boy is just so sweet and silly and cuddely and fun to be around. We can sit by each other for long periods of time and never have to say a word or we can swing away on the porch chatting about the clouds and anything else he comes up with. He is simply a joy to have in our home and has blessed us so, so much.

Austin David... We love you more then you will ever know! Happy 5th Birthday to my big brown eyed, candy smudged face, blankie loving, and sweet little boy!!

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