Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas with a surprise!

Merry Christmas Family & Friends!  As you go about today, we hope you steal a minute away from family and loved ones to thank our greatest gift of all today...our Savior, for this life he has blessed us with. Through all circumstances and places in life, there can be great joy found in the everyday simple and small things. We hope these small pieces of joy fill your hearts today and all year round! 

I didn't get a Christmas card around this year...actually, I never attempted after my first trimester and then some was spent fairly sick most days. So here is our greatest wish to all those we know are near and far from our hearts today...a very Merry Christmas! And we even have a special surprise to send your way...

 Our boys...merry and bright!

 Filling our hearts today and everyday...

 Jaxon: 8 years old, 3rd grade, loves sports still, video games, swimming, bike riding, being with friends, talking, math, going to games with his Dad, and eating. All the time.

 Austin: 5 years old, preschool, loves imaginative play with cars, farm stuff, and building things, explores the outdoors, raises chickens, snuggles with his green blankie everyday, and loves donuts. Too much.

Carson: 17 months. Climbs on everything, runs most places, follows big brothers, loves books, going outside, and did I say climbs everything? He talks all the time, but none of us know what he is saying :)

Baby Girl Hansen: 18 weeks old, resembles Carson's ultra sound picture, a pure miracle of God's grace, and already stolen our hearts. Surprise!!!
(click below on In the Trenches blog to read more about our daughter)

Merry Christmas from all of us!


Manfulls said...

A girl! Amazing! I bet the boys are excited. Fun news:-)

Katie R. said...

I think I've read this 100x, love this news:)