Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby Girl: 19 weeks

This is for you friend, out there in Oregon! :) Baby Girl is officially 19 weeks and we get to see your sweet little face again next week...can't wait! This pregnancy started off great, then took a quick turn for the south of the border... I spent a lot of hours trying to be very still so I wouldn't throw up, went back and forth between being hungry and then wanting to vomit two minutes later, feeling like sleeping all the time, acne like I was in 7th grade again, actually throwing up, and an all day all too well knowing feeling of being car sick. Woof. It was a rough couple months and I am so happy to be here in week 19 and feeling for the most part pretty normal again. Worst place I got sick? At a wedding in the restroom stall while the sweet little flower girl in the next stall asked her big sister..."Is that a monster/" No, sweet girl, just a sick grown woman trying to grow a little life and survive to tell the story :)

I felt baby girl move around week 16 and she is slowly letting me know she is getting bigger and stronger with heavier flutters and flipping feelings. I love knowing that she is down there just below my heart moving around. I am getting used to the idea of having four kids and already carry her around in my mind like I do my first three.

I know the next couple of months will go a bit slower and then spring will arrive and the weeks until she joins us will fly by. I am so excited to meet her and already dreaming of adding pink around here! 19 weeks and counting...

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