Monday, November 12, 2012


I know you will be surprised, but Jaxon was a football player again. He went back and forth from a super-hero to a football player to not even dressing up this year! What!?!? Is my first born already to old to dress up for fun and candy hopping with his brothers? I sure hope not! This was the last year for him to participate in the school Halloween parade and I am hoping not the last he chooses to go out with his siblings on trick-or-treating night. We usually drive from house to house of good friends, but we let the boys experience a full out walking night for their goodies. They loved it!

 Jax and his good pal, Cam, both football players and both still little enough to dress up...(if you ask me :)

 Jaxon was so sweet at times helping Austin across the yards. What a good helper he can be...when he chooses :)

 Carson of course had to keep up!! It was cold and his big brothers walked fast...but that did not discourage him. Actually, he was rather mad when I walked him back after one trip down the streets! Next year, buddy, next year.

 Austin quickly got the hang of it and his last words as he ran from one house to the next..."this is the best holiday...ever!!!" Ha!

 His Aunt Heidi made this super cute costume a few years ago. It fit perfect for our little man this year...who knows, maybe we will throw it on him over the holidays...I went back and forth between Peter Pan and an Elf. being he looked so cute, I may just get all my worth from it while it fits!

 Every year we wind our way back to the same house to hang out before we head back over towards our neck of the woods... hot cocoa and a warm fire and popcorn and good friends who feel like family are always waiting...and every year it warms my heart to end here.

 Austin (aka Underdog) and his buddy...of course, unrecognizable in her costume :)

 Carson stayed strong the whole night...what a trooper. He spent the final minutes of his evening kissing the dog and pounding the 3rd one, whatever it is that keeps him happy that time of night...kiss away, my son!

 I had a great night of fall fun with so many loved ones...I went to bed that night so thankful for full homes and full hearts and full days with special moments like those ones.

 I had to snap a picture of these two... I think it was 6 years ago...maybe 7, that we started making our pit stop at our friends house. Jaxon and Emma spent one of those first Halloween nights sitting side by side sipping their cocoa in their lion and giraffe costumes with rosy cheeks and cold little fingers. Emma turned 9 on Halloween! They looked so big and I can't believe how quick years go by...

It was a successful Halloween...on many levels. But this boy sure enjoyed the stash he and his brother collected for months to come of sweet tasting enjoyment!

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