Friday, November 2, 2012

pumpkin, oh, pumpkin

Our little pumpkin carving people patiently waited all weekend to carve into their pumpkin of choice the last weekend night before Trick or Treating. I think Austin asked 20 times if it was time yet?  He loves this process and makes it a high-light of our fall traditions.  I love using the pumpkin cleaning process as a visual and hands on project for my kids to learn about the way Jesus cleans us out of all our own yucky stuff so we can shine a bright light for him. Along with a fun family tradition each year, I hope someday they will look back with a good reminder too of Jesus work in them.  

 Carson and Austin waiting for the big boys to come!

 This was the first year we really let Jaxon have a go at the knife and carving process...

 His brothers watched in wonder...

 And even attempted themselves!

 Dad is the ultimate cleaner here...

 he has got it perfected!

 Austin found such delight in seeing it come together.

 Carson, of course, found everything he shouldn't while we all focused on the pumpkin! (he spends many trips up to the table like this and me pulling him down 2 seconds later...up and down, up and down, up and

 The boys did a great job and did most of it themselves. Felt weird to sit back and watch!

 Proud pumpkin carving boys...and one sad baby because he couldn't touch the flame :)

Our yearly happy face :) Pumpkins and always looked forward to event in this house by these little people!

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