Sunday, November 25, 2012

one of our lasts

Was it just a few days ago that we dressed in our shorts and headed to the park to play in the sunshine? We have surely enjoyed the long warm fall and now that winter seems to be moving in to stay, I am so thankful we splurged so often on those days we thought would be our last warm day and made it to the parks and our local reserve.

 There is something about kids and the outdoors that makes them feel free, simple, and fully embraced in the moment. I love to watch my kids explore outside and get fresh air pumping through their lungs.

 The little boys love this park and even though they went separate ways most the time, I think they are starting to have a little fun together!

 They both love slides and the grin I get on the way down is priceless.

 This boy has no far my most bold child. And he is only 1!

 Austin is so fun to take out to the woods for some exploring and playing. He is content doing the smallest thing and finds joy in whatever is around him. 

And Carson loves following him as Austin leads the way! Thank you, thank you Mother Nature for a fall filled with many outdoor playing time to lead us into the coziness of winter... and our seasons change once again.

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